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Hertz Speakers

Hertz Speakers

Hertz  Born in Italy, this extremely popular global brand has come to stand for quality, reliability and value for money. It is rare to find a brand that hits all of these criteria with such aplomb but through hard work, innovation and an intimate knowledge of what makes a car sound good, Hertz has achieved […]

Win a Co-Pilot Dash Cam

Win a Co-Pilot Dash Cam

Visit our facebook page for the chance to win a Co-pilot digital dash cam by simply liking our page and sharing our post by the end of 30th November 2017. Co-Pilot Digital Dash Cam (DVR1): Get the fottage you need to protect yourself when driving. 90 degree wide angle 2.4″ HD Screen Motion Detection USB to […]

Ghost Immobilisers

Ghost Immobiliser

Is your car safe from theft? Your pride and joy may have an alarm but will that stop a thief? Will an aftermarket immobiliser ruin the look of your new car? What is an Immobiliser? An immobiliser is a system that prevents the engine from starting, the user then enters a code or activates a […]

In Car Digital Radio

Audi A3 with Pioneer head unit installed

Digital radio is the latest way of listening to radio stations in the car with both better sound quality and more radio stations than FM it’s clear to see why it is becoming popular. The digital switchover has no set date yet however latest sources say the switchover will occur two years after national digital […]

Blackvue Twin Witness Cameras

Blackvue Witness Camera

Witness Cameras Installation Over the last year we have seen an increase in the sales of witness cameras for customers. There are many reasons for buying a witness camera and every customer has a story from near misses and accidents that were not their fault but why wait until a serious accident occurs before being […]

Alpine Multi-View Parking Camera Syst...

Top-View from the Multiview Parking Camera

At the front line of in-car technology, Enhance is updated with all the latest news and products. As one of the leading In-car entertainment suppliers we always get excited by an update from Alpine. In their latest product brochure there is a wide range of new products, one of which is the new multi-view parking […]

360 degree vehicle view with Omni-Vue...

Screen picture of Omni-Vue 360 installed

Omni-Vue 360 Here at Enhance we have the opportunity to fit a wide range of exciting new accessories to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. One of the most exciting new pieces of technology we fit is called the Omni-Vue 360. The system was originally designed to help customers park their vehicle safely as an […]

Heated Seats installation- Did you kn...

Heated car seats

With the winter weather starting to get chilly, did you know that you can have heated seats installed to virtually any car from just £195 +vat. Heated seats don’t just help you to feel warmer in the winter but have also been known to help back problems while driving. Heated seats installation Heated seats are […]

Car Audio & Security FAQ’s

PT cruiser with Doubledin Clarion head unit

I want to change the stereo in my car, which one would you suggest? It depends why you want to change the stereo and the capabilities you want to get out of the new one. E.g. do you want DAB, Aux input, mirror linking etc. It’s not always your stereo that needs to be changed, […]

How safe do you think your car is?

ing3924_cobra uk_svr website images c3

Did you know it actually took longer to steal a car in the 1990’s than it does today?!