Auto Electrician Services in Kent

If you are looking for car security or Audio Installation and live in Kent then look no further than Enhance Ice (In Car Entertainment).  We offer specialist Auto Electrician services in Kent.

We are able to fit virtually any enhancements to virtually any vehicle; car, van, lorry, motorhome or other vehicle. Our Auto Electrician Services are also mobile so come to you.

We are expert auto electricians in Kent and install a vast range of components, including:

  • Car Stereo (JVC, Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, etc, car stereo fitting)
  • Car Radio (DAB, codes, repairs, aerials, antenna etc, radio for car, car radio player)
  • DAB Car Radio (Radio for car, DAB radio, DAB stereo, DAB car, dab audio)
  • Head Unit (replacement, reveiws)
  • Car Speakers (Tweeter, mid-range, full spectrum, woofers & subwoofers, amplifier, capacitor, Car audio door speakers, speaker amplifier, etc)
  • Car Audio (systems, installations, supplier, equipment, car sound audio, amps car audio, DAB Audio)
  • Car Alarms (Clifford, Toad, Viper, Python, Cobra)
  • Car Security (alarms, tracking, immobilisers, vehicle tracking devices,)
  • In Car Entertainment (Car Stereos, DAB Car Radios, Headrest DVD players, bluetooth car kits, car iPod, dvd players car, car radio DVD)
  • Phone Kits (Hands free kits, bluetooth hands free, fitted car hands free kits, car hands free kit, bluetooth in car)
  • External Enhancements (parking sensors, fog lights, reversing cameras, speed camera detectors, under body neons)
  • Parking Sensors (Colour coded, Front parking Sensors, Rear Parking Sensors, parking reverse camera, Parking Sensors front & rear)
  • Witness Cameras (Accident Cameras, Evidence Cameras, Road Rage cameras, vandalism camera)
  • Immobilisers (Autowatch, Cobra, Scorpian, Thatcham Approved)
  • Tracking (Tracker, Stolen vehicle recovery, caravan & motorhome tracking, motorcycle tracking, fleet tracking)
  • AV Screens (In Dash Screens, headrest screens, motorised screens, double din screens, roof mount screens, navigation units, DVD players, Mirrorlink screens, Car Tv & tuners)
  • Car DVD player (Headrest mounted DVD players, portable DVD players, in-dash DVD players, In car DVD accessories)
  • Car Amplifier (Vibe amps, Alpine amps, Hertz amps, Rainbow amps)
  • Subwoofer (Hertz, rainbow, Alderson)
  • Cruise Control 
  • Window Tinting
  • Van upgrades

And many more services…

Contact Us – Auto Electrician Services in Kent

Our very experienced and knowledgeable electricians can service all makes and models of cars. To find out more on how we can help with all aspects of Car Audio or Car Security in Kent, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today. You can reach us through our contact page, or by using the details to the side of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you.

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