External Car Enhancements

We are able to supply and fit parking sensors, reversing cameras, speed camera detectors, fog lights, under body neon’s and anything else you might want to be added to your vehicle.  If you don’t see the service you require below please contact us to discuss.

Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors are becoming very popular; you have a choice of four or eight sensors, so either rear only or front and rear. You can have audio only, audio and display, or audio, display and camera. Parking sensors come black as standard but can be colour coded to match your vehicle by a professional paint shop. When colour coded they look factory fitted and blend in with your car please see our gallery

There are a number of variations for parking sensors, including:

  • 4 Sensor Audio
  • 4 Sensor with Crescent Display
  • 4 Sensor with Mirror Display
  • Camera and Dash Display
  • 4 Sensor Video with Camera & Mirror Display
  • 8 Sensors (Audio on Front and Back)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and to receive a no obligations quote.

Reversing Cameras

Reversing Cameras are great particularly for larger cars and Lorries; they actually show you what is behind instead of just beeping when something is picked up on a sensor. Reverse sensors are great but simply sound an audible bleep if something is picked up, whereas the reversing camera can help you to see any obstructions. When rear parking vans or Lorries it can be very hard to see what’s behind.

Fitted parking sensors start from £150, for prices for parking sensors fitting to your vehicle please contact us

Reversing Cameras aren’t only popular with cars but vans, campervans, lorries and any other vehicle.  There are various reversing cameras available and we’d suggest you call us to discuss the best options for your vehicle.

Speed Camera Detectors

Speed Camera locations are on the increase – not just the UK but increasingly across Europe. Alerts to these roadside sentinels are available via dash mounted products – including dedicated Speed Camera Detectors, Satellite Navigation Systems, PDA’s and mobile phones.

With so many roads having speed cameras now more and more drivers are requesting  Speed Camera Detectors, quite often they are part of a Sat Nav and GPS system. The Road Angel system is one of the most popular systems for knowing the locations of speed cameras.

Fog Lights

Fog Lights aren’t only great for better vision in bad weather but they can also look really good. As well as fog lights we also install HID lights, LED car lights, Under Body Neons and any other car body parts and body kits. If you would like any other information or advice for car parts and accessories please feel free to Contact Us.

Fog lights and driving lights are not only an essential to your car, you can also make a statement for your ride with a set of stylish, cool looking and multi-functional lighting systems.

Under Body Neons

How do you make people notice you at night? Simply install some LED or Neon lights and people will see you coming from miles away. A simple change in lights is all that is needed for people to see you, and more importantly, for you to see people. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, will help you see and be seen when you travel at night. From flashy light strips to under car kits and windshield wiper lights, LEDs will get you noticed.

Light strips are a great and stylish way to add a third tail light to your car or truck. They consist of a long strip of LEDs that are attached to the bottom of the tailgate on a truck or anywhere you can think of. They provide unparalleled lighting and braking performance for the people behind you. Besides being easier to see at night, the LED brake light is also brighter during the day. This is especially important for when you are stuck in traffic and the person behind is not paying attention or a sudden stop is needed. These lights are hard to miss.


LEDs have many advantages over normal bulbs. These include the fact that LEDs shine brighter than normal bulbs, light up more quickly than bulbs and can be much smaller in size than bulbs. More importantly, because LEDs are a solid state component, they can take more abuse than a normal bulb and will not break if dropped and are more resilient to shock.

Nissan Navara with full HDMI light conversion

Nissan Navara with full HDMI light conversion

Neon lighting is a very cost effective way to get your car noticed at night without the hassle of changing many exterior parts (which we also have a wide selection of). These lights can be mounted almost anywhere on the car, with the underbody being the most common. We offer an array of underbody neon lights to get the heads turning on the streets. Neon lights make it look like the car is floating on a brightly colored cloud. Neon lights can also now be added to the interior of the car. Neon shift knobs and strips can be placed in the car to accent the interior of any automobile. And if you want the person behind you to notice you, why not put a neon license plate holder on your car. It will illuminate the back of your car and your license plate. The perfect accessory if you have a personalised plate worth showing off.

For the front of the car, the windshield wipers and washers are the perfect place to add neon. Not only will it accent the underbody, but it will add a whole new dimension to the look of your car. The windshield washer has for years gone unnoticed in the realm of car personalization. Well, now you can upgrade them to LED washers and have them shine a bright blue light as well as clean your windshield. And what better way to help clean the windshield than with windshield wiper LEDs. These can be positioned in any way on your existing wipers and simply clamp on.

LEDs and neons are the easiest and most cost effective ways to add some style and head turning ability to your car. Contact us on 01622 737 393 or 078844 33207 to discuss prices and options.

Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting is becoming more and more popular. Whether you want to protect the kids, enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle or protect your belongings, we are able to offer a professional Window Tinting service with a lifetime guarantee against scratches or bubbling. Please contact us for a quote.  Window Tinting Kent from our Sittingbourne location.

Please contact us to discuss any other external car enhancements