DAB Car Radio

There are a variety of ways to be able to get DAB radio into your car.  Our top 3 products are:

Alpine EZI DAB stereo (includes full iPod integration)- £280 (£234 + vat)

DAB upgrade to any screen – £199 (£166 + vat)

Universal DAB upgrade – £265 (£221 + vat)

If you’d like any further information about DAB car radios or advice about your vehicle DAB Audio please feel free to contact us.

DAB Car radio Alpine EZi-Dab

DAB Car radio Alpine EZi-Dab

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a digital radio technology to broadcast radio stations.  DAB is becoming more and more popular and if you already listen to DAB at home theres no reason why you cant also listen to it in your car.

DAB offers more radio stations than analogue FM radio and is available throughout Europe.  DAB Audio is a much higher quality with more choice.

Advantages of DAB include:

Improved features for users DAB radios automatically tune to all the available stations with radiotext giving real time information such as song titles, music type and news.

More stations A greater choice of stations with less co-channel interference.

Better reception quality With digital audio there is no hiss with a weak signal if there is a poor signal then it will cut out altogether.

Less Undocumented station interference The cost of DAB broadcasting equipment provides barriers for undocumented stations.

Variable bandwidth Stations that dont require music, such as mono talk radio, news and weather need significantly less bandwidth than a typical music radio station allowing DAB to carry the programmes at lower bit rates leaving more available for other programs.

Transmission costs although DAB is more expensive to transmit than FM because it requires more transmitters, higher radiated powers or a combination to achieve the same covering it is able to broadcast more channels per network.

DAB stereo car radio is becoming very popular, please let us know if you’d like any other details. DAB Audio for cars is the future.

If youd like any further information about DAB car radios or advice about your vehicle please feel free to contact us.