Protect your livelihood  With so many vans getting broken into, we’ve teamed up with lock specialist VanSecure to offer a complete security bundle of locks and alarms, trackers and immobilisers. Here is an example of our Ford Transit (from 2009) package: Level 1: £758+vat Replacement Drivers Door Lock Hook Deadlocks (side load and rear barn doors) Autowatch Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm with PIR  Level 2: £1208+vat Replacement Drivers Door Lock Hook Deadlocks (side load and
First of all what is it? Apple Car Play and Android Auto take certain apps from your phone and put them onto your cars head unit or display while you are driving. The main apps allow you to make phone calls, send and receive messages, get directions (via maps or Waze) and listed to your music whilst staying focused on the road. Apple car play is for users of Apple iPhones.  Android Auto is for
Cars vulnerable to Keyless Car Theft You may have heard in the news recently that keyless cars are more vulnerable to theft.  German General Automobile Club (ADAC) have found more than 30 brands have made insecure cars including Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda and Volvo. Which? Have stated: “Carmakers have sacrificed the security of scores of modern cars for the sake of convenience,” “Thieves have been using the relay attack for several
When it comes to Trackers there are few options depending on why you are having the tracker installed. First question – Does it need to be Thatcham approved? If your insurance company are requesting a tracker, the answer to this will be yes.    We have two recommended options for Thatcham Approved Trackers: SmarTrak Protector Pro – £240 supplied & fitted + subs   Subscriptions for above: Monthly – £12.49 12 Months – £149
Have you heard of Audison?  They are a rare brand who continue to research and develop new technology including developing their own sophisticated computer modelling software to help Audison continue to find new ways to make speakers, amplifiers and signal processors perform even better. The entry level kit for Volkswagen Golf Mk 7: Audison have put together a package for the Mk7 Golf which will “blow your socks off”. The kit includes: AP 6.5 –