We were contacted by this customer who had bought a brand new BMW 4 series and wasn’t very happy with the way it sounded.  He had a budget of approximately £2000 to achieve a better sound system for his vehicle. We suggested the following products with the following costs: Rainbow BMW 3 ways – £480 – https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/rainbow/active-subwoofers/il-c83-bmw-e-series-front/ Installation – £150 Rainbow rears – £140 – https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/rainbow/intelligence-line-bmw/il-x4-bmw-e-series/ Installation – £90 Prima 8.9 – £700 – https://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima/ap-89-bit/ Installation – £200
If you’re looking to add Apple Car Play to your vehicle this Pioneer is a great cost effective way to upgrade.  Not only does it include Apple Car Play but it also has DAB (Digital) radio, 6.2″ touch screen multimedia player, USB connection, Waze app control and much more. We are currently offering this unit for just £395 supplied & fitted + your vehicle specific fitting kit. If you’d like to get a vehicle specific
It is reported to take just 23 seconds to steal a car now! This is how: 1 – thief waves a relay box at the front door. It boosts car key signal in house to another device held by second thief next to car 2 – the car is tricked into thinking the key is present and unlocks the doors 3 – second their climbs inside and presses starter button to drive off in car.
Most BMW owners would agree that its not bless with the best audio system.  Although it may be tempting to upgrade at the car dealership this isn’t always the best options.  Car dealers are very good at manufacturing cars but they aren’t experts in the sound system. At Enhance we have over 20 years of experience with car audio and enjoy helping customers get the best sound system for their vehicle within their budget. The
The Range Rover Sport is notoriously poor for its sound system.  At Enhance we’ve upgraded quite a few so thought we’d publicise our upgrade recommendations: High end upgrade: Front & rear speakers: Prima 165 components – £200 per set (front & rears) – http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima/audison-apk-165/ Sub: Prima 10 – £330 – http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima/audison-prima-apbx-10-ds/ Amp: Prima 8.9 -£700 – http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima/ap-89-bit/ Audio Control LC7 – £210 – http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audiocontrol/factory-system-upgrade/processor-1/ Audison Monoblock – £415 http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-prima/amplifiers/ DRC – £160 – http://www.fourcaraudio.co.uk/brands/audison/audison-bit/audison-bit-drc-mp-controller/ Three